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SHinola Bruce Weber collection


We are swooning over the Bruce Weber Shinola collaboration. Could not love this more- go here to Buy the chicest dog items ever! BRUCE WEBER COLLABORATION Shinola Pet is a collaboration between Bruce Weber and Shinola, created to celebrate a shared passion and philosophy about the pets that add meaning to our lives in [...]

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Jimmy’s amazing adventures

jimmy choo

Flying high over the city, superhero cape billowing in the wind. Waiting to catch unsuspecting swimmers with a snap of your strong jaws. Playing the day away with Calvin and Hobbes. It’s the stuff of doggy day dreams — and apparently, Jimmy Choo the bull terrier’s everyday life. Well, kind of. Jimmy Choo’s artistically inclined [...]

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A conversation with OLIVIA


Hello Olivia- our Dog of the Day.  She likes her bones! you can find her at #oliviadarling….

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#TBT 911 Bretagne was there and made a difference

tbt 911

The last known surviving search dog who worked at Ground Zero returned to the former World Trade Center site this week for the first time since Sept. 2001, NBC News reports. Bretagne, a 15-year-old golden retriever, was just 2 when she was deployed with Denise Corliss, her owner and handler, following the terrorist attacks. “After 9/11, [...]

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