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Pitbull Week at Huffington Post

pits   Busting the myths around pitbulls- the Huffington Post is covering this all week    

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At a chic studio space in New York, television host, foodie extraordinaire and pet lover Rachael Ray is in her element. She buzzes around the room, cooing as volunteers from North Shore Animal League gently place fuzzy, squirmy kittens into her tanned, toned arms. Ray smiles wide and tries to get a kitten’s attention by [...]

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Now You Can Get Your Jeans Custom Ripped By Tigers Imagine the next time your mother gives you the old “Do you know you have a hole in your jeans?” line, being able to answer, “Yes, mom, they’re made like that. BY TIGERS.” Well, thanks to Japanese denim brand Zoo Jeans and some sharp-clawed animals, [...]

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Choupette is getting her own makeup line


Chanel creative director Karl Lagerfeld’s cat Choupette may be the most spoiled feline in the world (she has two maids who maintain a diary about her life and she eats all her meals on the table with him) but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t know how to get her paws dirty. Immediately following the news [...]

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