The Barktorialist Charm I will not…hump indiscriminately


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Introducing our set of limited edition charms for dogs, cats, and humans. We’re all a bit flawed, so why not embrace your flaws with these loud and proud charms. These 14kt gold plated charms are blessed with love and infused with power. The wearers of these talismans will feel stronger than ever and overcome their troubles. Come on, who doesn’t wish that their beloved pet wouldn’t hump indiscriminately Or maybe you’re the one trying not to hump indiscriminately ? These charms hook easily onto your animals collar and fit well on any human charm, bracelet, or charm necklace. Mix and match these mantra charms with others to create a personalized piece of jewelry for you or your animal.

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Gold, Silver


Diameter 0.625 inches, Drop 1.25 inches

We recommend uploading 3 images of your pet portrait from different angles to ensure seamless placement in your portrait. Your uploaded images must be in jpeg format and at a minimum of 2 MB in size each and maximum of 15 MB. Your submissions will be reviewed for clarity and rejected if out of focus. The different images must display a variety of angles of your pet photographed at “eye level” to ensure proper placement into the painting to make it look as authentic as possible. Avoid photographing your pet from above or below. The best shot is straight on and a close to eye level as possible. We will review the images and start the royal Photoshopping! You should receive your proof within 2 weeks of us receiving the best image(s) possible. Once you approve the digital image, we will send it to print! Congratulations! Note all Regal Beagle products are non refundable.